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An entire floor dedicated to technical assistance, entirely renovated in 2022 and updated according to Rolex standards, the laboratory is equipped with all the machinery necessary to carry out all types of operations internally intervention and employs six highly qualified technicians on a daily basis.

Official Rolex Service Center, the laboratory, the first of its kind in
Italy, is open to the public and is able to carry out interventions
of “quick service” thus facilitating the wait for the customer.

The most complete assistance for your Rolex

Qualified Staff

The autonomy and competence of our assistance center allow Rolex technicians to carry out any type of maintenance according to the typical standards of the Manufacture, advising the customer on the best path to take according to the needs encountered and following him in every phase of the service.

Verification Test and Immediate quote

Your watch will be subjected to a test to verify its functioning and waterproofness, ascertaining its optimal condition or the possible need for additional maintenance. The professionalism of our staff allows us to provide the customer with an immediate analysis and estimate of processing costs, thus minimizing the return times of the watch taken care of and guaranteeing maximum transparency.

Quick Service

Where possible, we eliminate waiting times by carrying out immediate interventions without the customer having to leave their timepiece for delivery.

Replacement parts

All interventions are carried out using strictly original equipment.

Two Year Warranty

All watches serviced and serviced in our Rolex laboratory are covered by a two-year warranty.

Book an Appointment

Our team of experts will be happy to welcome you, accompanying you in every step of the Rolex experience according to the PISA style.

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The autonomy and competence of the assistance center also allows Rolex technicians to provide the customer with an immediate analysis and estimate of the expected processing costs, thus minimizing the risk of unpleasant surprises and significantly shortening the delivery time of the repaired watch.

Furthermore, as in all Pisa laboratories, it is possible to check the conditions of your watch by subjecting it to a real-time check which, thanks to the analysis of specialized technicians and a test to verify its functioning and waterproofness, establishes its optimal or the need for maintenance.

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