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From a workshop-laboratory, to a salon of haute horlogerie, up to Brand futuristic with an international scope. The history of PISA 1940 could be contained in these three chapters, whose point of union is represented by the excellence of the service, the variety of the offer, the modernity of the ideas and the sense of hospitality that have always characterized the Pisa Family.

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The resourcefulness inherited from the founder Ugo Pisa, the continuous research for products and services, as well as the desire to describe objects of high craftsmanship are the basis of the philosophy that PISA expresses through the experience of a meeting, the competence of its collaborators and the constant commitment to satisfying and anticipating customer desires, which have always been at the center of our universe.

“Watchmaking is part of a culture that finds its roots in education about beauty. Its expressions are multiple and it is a privilege to be able to tell their essence to our customers and to a new generation of young people to be involved in a constantly evolving world of tradition, ideas and beauty."

Maristella Pisa

The faces of Pisa

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Maristella Pisa
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Chiara Pisa

A journey into our history



The story of a family originating from a small town in Emilia Romagna begins in the heart of Milan, which was able to transform its passion for watches into a real profession. It all began with Divino, the second of the 13 Pisa Brothers, who founded the first Italian watchmaking school in the Lombard capital at the beginning of the 1930s, a meeting point for many young watchmaking artisans interested in perfecting the technique and doing an apprenticeship. In those years, Divino was joined by his brothers Osvaldo and Ugo.



Osvaldo Pisa, a skilled watchmaker technician, opened a small shop-laboratory for the repair and assistance of watches and clocks in Via Verri, which quickly became known for the professionalism and punctuality of its service. The Second World War slowed down the activity, which regained strength in 1946 thanks also to the entry of Ugo, a man with a far-sighted vision, capable of recognizing the artisanal, mechanical and artistic value of a watch even before it became a prestigious name.



Modern watches, unique pieces and an excellent laboratory distinguish the Fratelli Pisa workshop. As well as the terrestrial magnetism clock that his older brother Divino created in 1957; a unique work in the world, which arouses international interest, also exhibited at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.



The Fratelli PISA workshop becomes a true salon of fine watchmaking and a point of reference both for the wealthy bourgeoisie of Milan and for the international one. Joan Crawford, Maria Callas, Totò and the champion Fausto Coppi are just some of the personalities who choose the Via Verri shop for their special purchases. Brands then emerging in watchmaking such as Rolex, Piaget, Jaeger Le-Coultre and Vacheron Costantin are just some of the proposals that Ugo selects for his customers, anticipating the style of the time.



The death of their father Ugo in 1971 led the two Pisa sisters, Grazie a Maristella, to treasure the precious teachings they received from him and to give continuity to the family tradition, driven by the determination and trust shown by their customers. To collaborate in the development of the business comes Fabio Bertini, nephew of Osvaldo, who has now retired to private life. Together with Fabio, who grew up between the laboratory and the shop, the two sisters continue the search for small producers and artisans
emerging, they experimented with new ideas and gave the shop a new image, where the watches were displayed in an original and unusual way for the world of watchmaking at the time.



Grazia and Maristella, the "Ladies of the Lancets", open Pisa Minuti, in front of the historic watch shop in Via Verri. An address that soon became a destination for customers from all over the world for the selection of modern and creative watches, in contrast with the style and fashions of the moment. In the historic shop they continue to offer traditional watches, masterpieces of high craftsmanship and unique pieces including the limited edition of the first watch designed by Pisa.



The resourcefulness of the Pisa Family is the engine that allows the business to expand and elevate; the physiognomy of the historic watchmaker in Via Verri is completely renovated and, with it, an ambitious project never before carried out in Milan comes to life: the presentation, exclusively for customers, of the new watches just exhibited at the Basel and Geneva Fairs. An exceptional evening, which generates international resonance and which becomes the most awaited event of the year for 10 years.



2008 represents a fundamental year in the history of Pisa Orologeria, marked by the inauguration of the Rolex single-brand boutique, in via Monte Napoleone 24, followed by that of Patek Philippe, right next to the new Multibrand store in Via Verri, recently expanded and modernized to maximize its capabilities. These new, important openings best express the Pisa Family's desire for growth, in harmony with the possibilities that the Company can provide in terms of customer service.



Chiara's entry into the family business marks a new beginning for the Company: in 2014, Chiara and Maristella launched the first line of PISA jewellery, called "Lancette". Two years later the new, futuristic Flagship Store was inaugurated at number 7 of Via Verri, while the old Multibrand became the renovated Patek Philippe Boutique, joined, in 2018, by that of Vacheron Constantin. In the same year, Chiara and Maristella inaugurated the Jewelery Salon on the top floor of the Flagship Store, where the company brand, "PISA Diamanti", is flanked by six of the most prestigious international high jewelery brands.



The critical issues caused by the Covid19 pandemic do not dampen the dynamism of the Company, which invests in ambitious projects such as PISA Circle, the company's first digital showcase and Timeless, a trade-in service, the company's first step towards the second wrist service. The Hublot boutique was inaugurated in 2022, followed by that of A. Lange & Söhne in 2023, the first in Italy: Via Verri is increasingly the street of time in Milan. 2024 opens with a further transformation: PISA Orologeria becomes PISA 1940, a world of professionalism and elegance, which captures the best of physical and digital reality and in which the customer has the opportunity to experience Haute Horlogerie under every point of view: artistic, manufacturing, human.

“We have decided to concentrate our activity in Milan, in Via Verri, where our story began, opening ourselves more and more to a world that we consider without borders. In such a vital and increasingly attractive city on an international level, we want to be the spokespersons and protagonists of a universe projected into the future, in which there are still many aspects and innovations to discover and transmit."

Chiara Pisa

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