Maristella Pisa

Second generation of the Pisa Family

When I look at the beginnings and evolution of PISA 1940 I see a story of men and passion who transmitted the love for a job that became a vocation.
Since I was a child I have experienced the atmosphere of the shop where I learned about the rhythm of the clocks and the secrets that my father Ugo explained to my sister and me, both fascinated by such a small object, which held a centuries-old art to tell. I saw the originality and modernity of the watches that my father chose and brought to the shop for his customers, even before they became names of excellence, and I recognized his talent, a stimulus to my curiosity. I admired the clients' style and was fascinated by the relationship of esteem and trust they had with my father; experiences that traced my history even before I was aware of it.

“We have decided to concentrate our activity in Milan, in Via Verri, where our story began, opening ourselves more and more to a world that we consider without borders. In such a vital and increasingly attractive city on an international level, we want to be the spokespersons and protagonists of a universe projected towards the future, in which there are still many aspects and innovations to be discovered and transmitted."

I started working very young alongside my father and my sister Grazia, with the responsibility and curiosity of someone who knows they want to carry on a tradition that looks to the future. In these years of activity, we have tried to transform an artisan model into a profession of the highest quality, focusing on the commitment to pursue the excellence that has been transferred to us, shifting our gaze a little further. With originality, we have transformed our ideas into experiences to live together with our customers. Today our knowledge is projected into a new international scenario, which I like to face also through the vision of Chiara, my daughter, third generation of our family. We have expanded our offer, proposed by a competent staff, passionate and sensitive to the interests of a new generation of customers. We want to involve our customers in the emotions that Fine Watchmaking continues to express and transmit the great values ​​contained in a small object that preserves history, science, the small pictorial, technological and artistic arts and the great challenges faced by man. With the passion, curiosity and love that make every dream possible!

Maristella Pisa

Second generation of the Pisa Family.