for PISA 1940

The Portuguese is one of the "classic" watches par excellence and therefore lends itself to hosting unique customizations. This is the case of this PISA 1940 edition which presents a truly rare peculiarity: the numbering engraved directly on the movement, a practice that the Maisons do not usually allow. The PISA brand applied on the dial further distinguishes this 42 mm from the steel case and manual winding manufacturing movement. The dial, inspired by IWC pocket watches, features Arabic numerals printed in blue that are combined with "flame burnished" leaf hands. Ease and immediacy of reading explain these stylistic choices just as the absence of complications is justified by the desire to ensure practicality and functionality.
This watch embodies the spirit with which the first Portuguese was created: a reliable and robust timepiece.

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Designed for a determined and pragmatic man, faithful to the canons of elegance, and who interprets the watch as a functional tool.

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