On February 14th, like every year, the appointment with the Valentine's Day is renewed: on Valentine's Day the love of a couple is celebrated, the achievement of a goal achieved together is marked or the right culmination of one's story is marked to launch the foundations of a future together.


Whether it is a gift inspired by the anniversary, or whether you want to take advantage of the party to promise yourself undying love, jewelery on Valentine's Day is the most suitable choice because it seals the importance of the relationship with the preciousness of a unique accessory which, every look will evoke the uniqueness of the feeling.


Finding a Valentine's Day gift for her and for him among the refined and elegant high jewelery proposals will not be difficult: the small, large works of art in white, yellow or pink gold, embellished with diamonds and precious gems, and the elegant watches they will leave your loved one breathless.

Rings for Valentine's Day: between timeless classics and new proposals

Among the gift ideas for Valentine's Day , the ring is among the most sought after gifts. The most suitable types of ring for Valentine's Day are:

• The solitaire with its single diamond as the protagonist. The cut can be heart-shaped, brilliant or emerald.

• The trilogy ring made up of three diamonds tells of love with a look at the past, present and future of the relationship.

• Eternity, or riviera, symbolizes endless love and is particularly suitable for those who, by giving the ring on Valentine's Day, wish to promise eternal love.


Rings with precious gems such as emeralds, rubies or sapphires are perfect as Valentine's Day gifts , or band models with a more contemporary design that mix colors and materials such as the iconic Quatre by Boucheron. For him, we recommend the classic band ring or the chevalier model as a "seal" of an important love.


Purchasing a high jewelry gift means having valid guidance in choosing such an important gift, the guarantee of a jewel of undisputed quality and excellent after-sales service.

Give yourself the guidance of our experts and find the boutique that will bring your desires to life.

The heart on Valentine's Day: the timeless symbol of "I love you"

Although from an "anatomical" point of view love arises from a series of reactions that occur in the brain, it is the heart that has always symbolized romantic feeling. In ancient times, in fact, when neurological knowledge was not yet available, we referred to the symptom of love par excellence, namely the beating heart.


Thus was born the poetic symbol of the Valentine's Day which itself becomes an object of gift in different forms.


If we talk about gifts that are messengers of love, we cannot fail to mention the "Happy Hearts" collection by the Swiss maison Chopard: rigid bracelets and necklaces made of ethical gold, mobile diamonds and mother-of-pearl interpret the heart motif in a playful and contemporary way.


If your gift is more than a simple gesture on Valentine's Day, but an announcement of eternal love, let yourself be guided and find out how to choose the perfect engagement ring.

Unique and special: personalized Valentine's gifts

Relying on a trusted jewelry store that can count on the professionalism and skills of master goldsmiths is the recommended choice if you want a tailor-made gift with attention to every detail.


The levels of customization are different and range from engravings to the creation of tailor-made jewellery . The date of the anniversary or that of the first meeting, her or his name, initials or words of love, are some examples of engravings which on bracelets, rings, pendants transform the gift into something truly unique and, for this , even more precious.

From the choice of material to the gem, from conception to creation, the jewel made to measure for Valentine's Day tells of the dedication and unconditional commitment towards your loved one.


Valentine's Day gifts for Him: refined ideas

Along with personalized bracelets and rings , cufflinks are another perfect gift idea for Valentine's Day. In yellow, white or pink gold, the Patek Philippe proposals, for example, are witnesses of the creativity and excellence of the designers and master craftsmen, a precious gift for an "I love you" in the name of elegance.



Surprise him on Valentine's Day: the watch and its accessories

A great classic and therefore timeless, the watch is much more than a
simple accessory: it is a gift destined to last forever. An important gift, full of charm and spokesperson for a refined style.

Among the accessories to give him for Valentine's Day , a special mention goes to the rotors for automatic watches , which also fascinate for their attention to design. These are functional and technological cases useful for storing timepieces and recharging them at the same time. Other Valentine's Day gift ideas perfect for watch enthusiasts are the leather briefcase with combination lock and travel cases, essential accessories for storing your collection safely.

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