Andrea Casalegno is one of the youngest and most effective communicators in the sector. Volcanic and enterprising, with its IamCasa format it talks about watchmaking in a dynamic and direct way. We welcomed him to our new Hublot boutique in Via Verri: these are his impressions.

Understanding and interpreting the taste of a city is an arduous task, required of every good seller who wants to make this metropolis his own marketplace. The scenario becomes even more difficult if, instead of understanding, the ability to anticipate tastes and trends is required.
Passing through Via Pietro Verri in Milan, there are many trend setters, from all sectors, but one stands out more than others, starting this year, for watch lovers: it is Hublot, with a boutique that reflects full of the spirit and stylistic features of the brand.
Hublot, as you may know, was born by Carlo Crocco shortly before 1980, grew up with Biver and fulfilled his dream of being a Big Brand with LVMH and Ricardo Guadalupe who was able to lead the brand to the success of today, often working against the current.
It's like this: Hublot, in recent history, is certainly among the most divisive brands on the web, capable like few others of polarizing opinions. You either love it or hate it. On the other hand, half measures are not in Hublot's DNA and it is perhaps precisely this decisive character, fueled by marketing far from the standards to which watchmaking is accustomed, that has determined its fortune. Today, a few years after the first fierce controversies, we are faced with a brand with all it takes to establish itself as a must-have in the near future.

Pisa understood this well, deciding to make the brand stand out among its numerous Milanese shop windows, giving Hublot not a corner, not a shop window, but an entire boutique. Adjacent to the Flagship Store, the three-story temple of Milanese watchmaking, a small and charming boutique has been on display since January, all crystals and shiny black, entirely dedicated to Hublot.

An effective way, for Pisa, to show anyone the selection of the brand's watches with dedicated staff (ergo trained on Hublot matters), but above all with a more intimate and private second floor, divided into a comfortable lounge for more discreet negotiations or simply to feel comfortable and exchange a few words in peace. This boutique, as it presents itself, has two tricks up its sleeve, which Pisa has been able to make the most of. The first, undoubtedly, is the choice of a brand like Hublot, which is becoming increasingly loved by the Milanese public, especially if we talk about Classic Fusion, both for its design, which has now rightfully entered the list of iconic watches, and for its portability. cases with a smaller diameter that hug the wrist well, are versatile and discreet. The second ace up the sleeve is the location: the boutique is in fact connected to the Pisa Orologeria Flagship Store, a precaution that allows customers to transit more easily between the multi-brand space and the Hublot world, and vice versa. This is an essential aspect of the shopping experience in Pisa, all the boutiques live in a sort of osmosis which, far from putting them in competition, creates virtuous synergies to the benefit of both customers and the brands represented.

For posterity the arduous sentence: will Hublot be the Milanese's next watch? When in doubt, Pisa Orologeria went ahead!

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