Reference event for the gold and jewelery sector organized by Italian Exhibition Group, the winter edition of Vicenzaoro this year was held from 19 to 23 January, again in the spaces of the Vicenza Fair.  

This is the most important and largest European exhibition dedicated to jewellery, a unique opportunity to do business and more: at Vicenzaoro the best of Made in Italy productions and international excellences are on display, we update ourselves on trends and new technologies, discover the latest high jewelery collections and new fashion collections. 

Furthermore, it is an event characterized by events with different focuses: among all, the VO Vintage stands out, the special event dedicated to the cult of vintage watches.

Vicenzaoro: 70 years of jewelery history and culture  

The January 2024 edition, the first of two scheduled annually, was an opportunity to celebrate the 70 years of this event of global importance dedicated to the gold and jewelery sector . It was September 1954 when the first National Gold and Silver Exhibition of Vicenza was inaugurated in the evocative spaces of Giardino Salvi, next to Piazza Castello. 

In the following decades, the constant growth in the importance and success of the event has determined not only changes of location, but also virtuous adaptations to the changing gold and jewelery market dictated by historical circumstances and technological progress. Vicenzaoro proves to be not only an excellent event and showcase, but also an admirable interpreter of the times. 


In spite of everything, Vicenzaoro has never stopped growing: with the birth of the Italian Exhibition Group (2016) and thanks to new strategic agreements, it successfully overcomes even the dark years of the pandemic to take on an increasingly leading role in the sector . 

In the year of its 70th anniversary, Vicenzaoro saw the participation of 60% of foreign visitors in the first of the two annual events, recording a record attendance and also confirming the success of special events such as the VO Vintage . 

VO Vintage: the appointment for those who love watchmaking

Inside Vicenzaoro, the unmissable B2C event in the field of fine vintage watches and jewelery is undoubtedly VO Vintage , a real marketplace open to the public where you can admire and make your purchases in complete safety. 


Collectors and enthusiasts from all over the world met in Vicenza from 17 to 20 January 2024 to meet the best dealers in the sector, participate in talks, seminars and workshops and delve deeper into the culture of vintage timepieces from countless aspects, addressing crucial topics, such as for example the fight against counterfeiting. 


In a refined space that guarantees safety and privacy, collectors and enthusiasts can touch unique pieces of great value first-hand. From vintage men's watches to women's watches , from sports collectibles to those with a classic design, from hand-wound watches to self-winding ones: among the exhibitor stands at VO Vintage, the protagonists are the brands that have made the history of watchmaking with their iconic pieces and their hidden treasures. 


The VO Vintage is also an opportunity to forge synergies with retailers and nurture an ever-growing community. Thanks to the presence of experts such as master goldsmiths and watchmakers, main exponents of the community and many watch lovers , this edition was also a real success, with an audience growing by +13% and a number of exhibitors increasing by +22%. . The next edition of VO Vintage is scheduled for 17-20 January 2025 at Vicenzaoro. 


Exploring the concept of "vintage", Chiara Pisa - CEO of PISA 1940 - says: " It is interesting to note that in the world of high quality there is no concept of "old", but at most vintage, a term that does not denigrate but it ennobles a product made in a more or less remote past. You can see it in fashion, with actresses parading on red carpets wearing dresses made in the 1960s; you can see it in jewellery, with ladies showing off antique necklaces and earrings , even dating back to the 18th century; it is obviously also found in watchmaking ."

And , concluding his reflection, he states : " I believe that this conception derives precisely from the care we have towards works of art: if once the old was demolished or reshaped to obtain something new, now we tend to respect it in as a witness to a bygone era that is still able to speak to us and excite us. I believe that it is this knowledge that has brought the world of second-hand goods towards today's results; we fully agree with this vision, hoping to be able to further implement it in years to come ." 

The wonderful world of vintage watches : a journey through technology, history and customs  

More than a passing fad, vintage is pure passion. The vintage watch has more than one story to tell: that of the watchmaking house that created it and the skilled hands that created it, but also that of the taste and style that characterized a specific period and, why not, that of those who previously owned it. 


It is precisely the uniqueness of each example and all the valuable stories that it carries with it that fuel the charm of the vintage watch. Knowing how to find hidden treasures, recognizing the most precious details, knowing how to analyze the caseback, dial and type of movement, verifying the length and color of the hands, identifying the year of production: these are all activities that exalt every collector or enthusiast of vintage watches. 


Even the world of fashion is not untouched by the charm of these accessories. Today the vintage watch confirms itself as the protagonist of the most sought-after looks: from small vintage women's watches to jewelery models, from cult watches worn by celebrities to sporty models with a masculine cut, the world of vintage wristwatches is multifaceted and full of charm . 

Rediscover the brilliance of your gold and stone jewels and, if you are looking for a point of reference for the evaluation and purchase of vintage watches in Milan , you can count on Timeless - our Secondo Polso service , dedicated to timepieces that have a history to tell.

" With the Timeless service " - clarified Chiara Pisa - " we wanted to meet the needs of those who over the years have built a relationship of trust with us and who, for different reasons, wanted to renew their collection . The service is active In the our Flagship Store to which is added the possibility of selling or purchasing a second-hand timepiece, after it has been viewed, checked and possibly accepted by our experts. » 

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